Zero Charisma

This movie is raising funds on IndieGoGo. Hook them up! Too lazy to click, here’s the bit about who they are and what they need:

In 2008, Katie Graham and I (Andrew Matthews) worked as Cinematographer and Editor (respectively) for the acclaimed feature documentary Best Worst Movie, directed by Michael Paul Stephenson.  Shortly afterwards, we moved to Austin, TX with longtime collaborator Thomas Fernandes to develop our first narrative feature.  We believed then and still believe that Austin is an amazing place for independent film and and the perfect setting for our story.  A year later we love Austin more than ever and are ready to start production!

This is our very first fundraising drive for Zero Charisma and we are aiming to raise $15,000 for pre-production costs.  This includes casting, location scouting, art direction, equipment and crew.  Any remaining funds from this drive will go straight to production.  Almost as importantly, other potential donors and investors will use our success at IndieGoGo as a gauge by which to measure the public appeal of our project, so your donation may be worth twice as much!

…starting to notice a D&D theme around these parts.

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