New JADED Promo Reel!

Enjoy our first JADED sizzler! Jeremey wanted to name it “We Out Here”, but Abby thought that would look like we had bad grammer.

This promo is a long time coming. The last reels we cut were in 2006 after we left Current TV. Almost every year since then, we have planned to produce a new one, but it’s never been able to rise high enough on the priority list to become a reality. How it happened now is mystery to us. We are actually really busy. Slammed in fact. We’re working a big job for an important client. Yet somehow, in between rounds of notes, Jeremey was inspired to start cutting a promo reel. We figured that we’d get something started and get around to finishing it at some unknown moment in the future… and then it just came together. Crazy. We’re really happy with this video, and we hope you enjoy it.

It’s meant to be fast, fun, and to communicate the scope of what we’re capable of with an emphasis on Branded Content, Serial Programming, and Non-Fiction.

It features work written, produced, shot, or edited (and in many cases a combination of all of the above) by Abby and/ or Jeremey. It includes work produced as staff at Nick@Nite and TV Land, Current TV, HarperCollins, and Seesmic. It includes client work for Bank of America (iB5k), ESPN, Causes, Current TV, Supercharged: The Life and Times of Tim Brauch, Institute for the Future, Roughneck Hardware, and DWNTWN Skate Supply. It also includes clips from independently produced projects including Make it Happen: DIY Across America, It’s a Rough Life, and Roughcutz Da Movie. For a full list of videos used in this promo click here.

The track is “Callin’ Out” by Lyrics Born from the album Later That Day……


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