Killswitch: A Documentary

Our friend Jeff Horn from @killswitchfilm & @akornent (Akorn Entertainment) is working on this fabulous documentary. They’ve already interviewed some great people and have even more amazing professors, authors, journalists, and politicians lined up. Check out this list!

Watch the video below and then go support Killswitch on Kickstarter!

Imagine if your favorite website was blocked or slowed down because it competed with the corporation that “owned” the Internet bandwidth. How would you react if your posts on Facebook were censored by the government? What would happen if independent blogs and news media became priced out of the Internet because they couldn’t afford the rates charged for a new Internet fast lane? What kind of power should lie within the governments? Should they have the ability to have a virtual Kill Switch?

We find these threats to the free and open Internet to be the single greatest danger to democracy today. #killswitch the film will inform and inspire action in a population largely unaware of these important issues.

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