FCP X the Freak Out Continues!!!!!

First we have to say that we have not yet downloaded Final Cut X. Why? Well, we use our edit stations to do client work, and we cannot afford to have a piece of untested software go and screw anything up with our current projects.

Best case scenario we heard (in an excellent Creative Cow Podcast with Walter Biscardi and Richard Harrington called, Why We Can’t Use Final Cut Pro X at Our Companies) that FCPX will not overwrite Final Cut 7, but it will turn the icons of all your Final Cut media into Unix mystery files that can’t find their way home without a right click. That is just completely unacceptable. So while we keep researching (and looking into installing a clean drive in the empty bay of one of our MacPros to test this puppy out) enjoy this:

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the Cow forum for all the gossip and whining.

Also Steve Martin and Larry Jordan put out great first look blogs.

For now all we can say is that the interwebs are aflame with edit pros in full panic mood. There’s lots of talk about switching to Adobe Premier, Avid, and Vegas. What seems clear is that Apple has released a brand new app that has little relation to the Final Cut Pro we’ve all grown to know and love. You can’t even open up old Final Cut projects inside of it. (You can import iMovie though…???) Some people are saying it’s clean and fast, but the main verdict is that it lacks any ability to collaborate (and operate) in a professional editing environment. In CANNOT speak to any other software, no EDLs, no XMLs, just lonely Final Cut Pro X.

We’ll see how this goes. It looks to us like Apple is going to let the pro market go elsewhere and continue with it’s strategy of flashy consumer products. We can’t say more until we put our hands on it though. Stay tuned.

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