Vimeo Weekend Project: Haiku

Vimeo does this great thing they call the “Weekend Project.” Basically, on Thursday they email a topic and you have to create a video that weekend. Submissions are due on Tuesday. It’s that simple. But in reality, most of us are too busy working to create a video for fun. Except maybe this weekend’s project which is titled “Haiku”.

From their website:

Haiku project comes
Time for poetry again
Make some videos

This weekend, we’re going back to an old school Vimeo Weekend Project, Video Haiku.
Haikus are a type of Japanese poetry formed of three phrases (or lines) with a syllable structure like this:
5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

So, for this project, your video structure should be like this:
5 second shot, 7 second shot, 5 second shot

You must have a haiku in the video. You can write your own haiku or use someone else’s with credit. You can read the haiku or use titles to show it.

A 17 second video? We might be able to do that. No promises though.

Here’s the winner from last year.

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