Marathon Shoot Round Up

Apologies for the delay in updates. We were on roll for awhile! This is the final marathon four city shoot round up. We started our first production day in New York by carting our gear from hotel to location with the help of the door guy and our New York helper for the day Pepe Urquijo.

Random photos of the set-up.

We had a break in the middle of the day to wander around mid-town Manhattan.

It wasn’t all work in NYC, we also made it over to B&H.

Where we geeked out on gear…

Canon section!

That oddly shaped new Panasonic.

We picked up a stand for the Ki Pro Mini while we were there. It seemed to help with the overheating.

Then it was off to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg.

After the flea market we hit Gutter with some of Abby’s old NYC friends.

Then Enid’s in Greenpoint to meet up with our friend Dave.

After NYC, we headed to Chicago for our last Detail Lab shoot of the project.

The Ki Pro made it through the whole shoot without any problems.

That’s a wrap.

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