Long Term Time Lapse for Colorado River Film: Kontent Films

Check out this Kickstarter project from our pal Forrest Pound over at Kontent Films. The idea is to produce

a stylish documentary about the Colorado River Basin, water use and water ethics.  The River is the life blood of 30 million people making it one of the most dibbled, diverted and dammed body of water on earth.

But my Director Mark Decena doesn’t want ours to be another talking head, doom and gloom documentary. It’s going to be fun and edgy; part animation, part creative film making, part beautifully shot vérité and portraiture.

But we need your help to make the film more unique. Here’s how.

Head over to their Kickstarter page for all the details about how you can help (specifically in making 5 awesome DIY timelapse rigs).

These guys are great filmmakers and this is definitely a project worth supporting.

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