Last minute shoots with friends

Yesterday was one of those random San Francisco days when amazing opportunities just fall out of the sky. Our friend Ben Youngerman at Panhandle Productions shot us an email around eleven pm the night before asking to borrow some gear for a last minute shoot. It turned out that the shoot was with Bob Weir of of the Grateful Dead who is working on a project with Ben’s girlfriend Miranda Jones (videos below).  Ben and Miranda are producing a documentary about the creative process of the project and had been waiting for the chance to shoot an interview with Mr. Weir.

JADED jumped at the opportunity to assist, and Jeremey headed to Mill Valley with Panhandle yesterday afternoon to help with the shoot. All in all it was a quick set-up, fast interview type of situation to be respectful of Mr Weir’s time. We shot at his home studio, which was on his beautiful property and he had thoughtful commentary about Miranda’s work. It was a great experience all around.

Some of Miranda (and Ben’s) previous work.

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