Key Framing Stills

That is a frame from our After Effects CS5.5 project where we’re key framing a lot of stills in a series of videos we’re working on for a new client. We even downloaded the trial version of CS5.5 (we’ve been running CS4) so that we could take advantage of all 24 gigs of RAM we have pumped into to our newest Mac Pro and we are loving it. We also had to (re)buy a plug-ins package that we had installed in CS4, but went kaput with the 64bit upgrade.

This job is different that many that we produce, because it is so heavy on stills rather than original video. It brings us back to the days of Google Current, when Jeremey literally spent 12 hours a day doing this kind of work. It takes a special skill set (and a lot of compositing) to make stock photos fun to watch, and we hope we’ve accomplished that here.

These are a few screens from video 4 of 4 (we know they don’t have quite the same effect when they aren’t in motion).

This project has been fun because we’ve been able to work with several good friends (and talented folks).

We’ve got a pro graphics guy working on the heavy lifting animation for all four videos, but the meat and potatoes animation of stills for the last two is all being done in house. This project has us booked solid for a little while longer… we’ll keep you posted and let you know when it’s wrapped.

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