Mr. Fixer

We wanted to share some great work a former colleague and friend from TV Land is currently creating. John Kenower, a preditor-extraordinaire, is writing, directing, and starring in the feature length film, Mr. Fixer. The night shots are done with a Canon 1D Mark IV. He says he will probably use a 7D to shoot most of the rest of the film.

The music is being done by another friend and artist, Annie Quick. A very talented musician– check out more of her music here.

Here is the short John shot last year. The feature is going to be about why Mr. Fixer quit — an “origins” story, if you will.

Writer, Mr. Fixer – John Kenower
Director – Kevin Hartman
The Actress – Frances Chewning
DP – Jon Hokanson
Line Producer – Leah Tucker
Hair and makeup – Steven Ianniello
Wardrobe – Ellise Garber
Art Director – Dominique Vitali
Animator – Eric Rosner
Sound – Allison Jackson
Audio Engineer – Jon Friedner @ Pennylane Studios NYC

Here is a teaser for the feature:

Writer, Director, Mr. Fixer – John Kenower
Trisha – Julie Almeria
DP – Jon Hokanson
Music – Annie Quick

Other great teasers / trailers:

John Kenower – Writer, Director, Mr. Fixer
Jon Hokanson – DP
Julie Almeria – Trisha
William Kenower – Music

Elle Anhorn – Eleanor Martine Babineaux
John Kenower – Director
Annie Quick – Music

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