Austin Trip Home: La Pics and La Posada

Before we left Austin to head back to the Bay, we picked up a few of the things our friend Julie asked us to bring back for her. Shannon (arm above) kept all the food. The bulk of it was swag from sxsw, a couple of inflatable couches, and this pink flamingo:

We tweeted picks of Flamingo’s trip across the US. Here’s a special one after we had breakfast in Fort Stockton (above).

This is La Posada. We booked it randomly as it was affordable and near Meteor Crater. We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.

La Posada is a hotel/ museum of art, artifacts, and just plain weirdness. It’s huge.

Many famous people from the 1930′s and 40′s stayed in this once famous hotel. We stayed in the Roy Rogers Room because the Shirley Temple Room was already booked. (Not really, they just gave us the Roy Rogers Room) The hotel closed down around the 50′s and became an office building for a railroad company for decades. Then it sat unused and deteriorated for years. It wasn’t until 1997 that some rich guy bought it to help preserve the historical building and help rebuild the town of Winlsow, Arizona. Yes, the one the Eagles sing about standing on a corner and a girl in a flat bed truck.

We weren’t suppose to take pictures of the art. Oops.

It’s pretty good stuff though, so if you like it, check out Tina Mion. She’s quite versatile, political, and tons of her work was displayed throughout La Posada.

Outside of La Posada there were some donkeys…

… and a camel which became friends with Flamingo.

Then… we went to…


This meteor (well, this is part of the mostly incinerated meteor)…

… created this:

It’s really, really, really, big.

Abby had fun.

See, she’s smiling.

Jeremey enjoyed the view.

It was incredibly windy. They canceled all the walking tours because they didn’t want the wind to knock anyone down into the massive hole.

Flamingo did not enter the crater.

We did not eat this. But Denny’s sure knows what Americans like. Bacon + Ice Cream = America.

The trip back was amazing. Good weather, beautiful scenery. Austin to the Bay, it was a great March 2011.

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