Aids Life Cycle + Glee + The Castro = ♥

Friend of TeamJaded, Scott Saraceno, just finished shooting, directing, and producing a (can I say fabulous) video to help raise money for Aids Life Cycle. If you’re a fan of Glee (and even if you’re not), this video is hilarious and quite enjoyable. Scott worked with Kevin O’Sullivan who has been scripting, producing and starring in a live fund-raising show for the past 5 years here in SF. This is their fourth year collaborating on the promotional video for the event. Kevin is the main actor in the video, and was also the writer/ co-director. Scott filmed the spot all around the Castro on a 5D (woohoo!) and used a Merlin Steadicam for several of the shots. He edited it with Sony Vegas.

YouTube Preview Image

The organizers of the ALC plan to use this video as an example of creative fund-raising efforts for the ride.

Go to the event! Support!
Saturday, May 7th, 2011
6:00 PM
The Stud Bar, San Francisco

More on ALC here.

Support Kevin here.

Scott Saraceno is a freelance Bay Area videographer and photographer specializing in promotional videos for artists, non-profits and small businesses. Check out his work here:

Check out Kevin O’Sullivan’s other work here:

Cast: Kevin O’Sullivan, Lori Goehring, Tony Albert, Andrew Uhl, Ryan Clark, Michael Pieracci, Matt Vespa, EJ Bernacki, Jared Scherer, Kevin Lemons, Fred Dillon

Created & written by: Kevin O’Sullivan
Directed by: Scott Saraceno & Kevin O’Sullivan
Camera by: Scott Saraceno
Edited by: Scott Saraceno
Boom Mic by: Andy Hill

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