Roughcutz the Movie

Our frequent collaborator in film projects, Mr. John Griffin aka Johnny Roughneck has a new alter ego; DJ Roughcutz. If you haven’t heard, Roughcutz is the newest Bay Area rap star, and the focus of our newest project… title TBA.

In short, we’re helping Roughcutz establish his social media presence and producing a short documentary (as we have been known to do) about his exploits. We’re aiming for a premiere at Underskatement. Monday was the first(ish) day of production. We had a warm up shoot last week, but today was full on with lights and another of our frequent collaborators, Mr. Ben Youngerman helping out with the second angle.

Check out these pics from the day. There are a few screen grabs, but mostly they are either from the 7D in Jeremey’s hands, or the 5D in Ben’s.

What’s a rap star without his sponsors? Roughcutz got laced up by Stunner of the Month over the weekend. He’ll be rocking a new set of Stunners every time you see him out in the City.

The day started with a spinal interview at Lower Haters, the new Roughneck office/ Dwntwn pop up store.

Abby snapped the the family still. 7D, Canon 50mm at f2.0.

Roughcutz + Dirty Pigeon for life.

Little script help from the Android.

After the interview we headed to Roughcutz’s Producer Mike’s house to lay down a track.

Not yet an official sponsor.

We ran into Shawn Connelly on the way there.

Ben and Abby taking in the chilly SF wind while Roughcutz bro’d down.

Making music with Mike at “The Swamp”

JADED’s modified Redrock “theEvent” DSLR rig, with H4n Zoom and Sennheiser wireless lav mounted.

Roughcutz dropping knowledge.

Meanwhile, Mike was making music.

Another great shot of our rig. Thanks Mr. Youngerman. Ben’s a great documentarian. He’s thinking about the story about the story.

Elwood, “The Swamp’s” official mascot.

Lyrics to go.

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