Rolling with the updates

UPDATES: We did a shoot for the Sierra Club last Thursday to commemorate their blocking of the 150th coal plant. We were happy to help with such a worthy cause, we’ll post the video when it’s up.

After we dropped the footage off at Fed Ex on Friday, we headed down to LA with our friends Whit and Claire to help Whit with his first feature film “Rolled“. It’s a documentary style narrative about a crew of high school kids who toilet paper houses in Claremont. We think it’s going to be awesome.

Saturday was one of the first days of production and mostly consisted of Whit (above) doing a prelimanary interview with his friend Kevin (below) who is one of the main characters (and who also happened to be playing a show that day).

We recorded Kevin’s show as a favor to him. Abby was on the A1, Jeremey on the 7D.

This is Whit monitoring audio, and happens to be one of my favorite shots from the day.

We are also busy at work on our own documentary project, which is shaping up to be about people preparing for life after oil. Research is running deep at the moment. We’re looking for interesting characters who are currently working on solutions for living after the oil crash. Those people could be survivalists, urban farmers, bike activists, etc. At this point we’re looking for charismatic, passionate, and knowledgeable people who are DOING SOMETHING that is visually interesting (preferably in the Bay Area/ greater NorCal for now). Let us know if that’s you or if you know anybody.

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