Roughneck Hardware BART Tour 2010: VIDEO

File this under better late than never. Believe me, I’ve wanted to get this out there since the day after. Fortunately for us JADED had a really good year… unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t edit this until now. Happy late birthday Johnny!

Tyler Moore killed it on the A1 with the death lens while I made my first attempt at shooting skating and verite documentary with the 7D.


“scriggle full”
rev music- hip hop
royalty free music
proilific arts inc.

“do the kangaroo”
soul africa

“gotta fight by tg”
tha throwback

“tons of paper by the crime lords”
the lost tracks


2 Responses to “Roughneck Hardware BART Tour 2010: VIDEO”

  1. PK says:

    Wow, the skating was unreal. the Wastelands rainbow volcano thing ruled.
    You just one-uped your self with the new camera – killer looking video quality with the pulled focus shots.
    3 thumbs up! -PK Sunset Dist

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