Sneak Peak: One Ride

In recent blogs we’ve mentioned that we’re working with our friends at IB5k on a big project for Bank of America. For the most part, we haven’t been able to say much because the Bank isn’t rolling out the campaign until later in the season.

However, the fates have finally aligned and with the One Ride promo posted above, we have the opportunity to share some of what we’ve been working on. One Ride is a…

rip-roaring, spanking-new dance musical from the creators of Swango! One Ride’s powerful and passionate story is told through the songs of country legend Chris LeDoux and the breathtaking choreography of Robert Royston, the man behind QTP’s smash hit, Swango! Full of energy, dynamic movement and the live music of Chris’ band, Western Underground, One Ride is a timeless tale about the quest to find the “champion” in ourselves! Conceived, directed and choreographed by Robert Roysten.

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with what we’ve been working on; the promo was compiled from footage produced for a Bank video about Queens Theatre in the Park. The interview and rehearsal footage was shot on Canon DSLR’s by Jeremey and Ben at Dance Manhattan.  We had the amazing opportunity to use every lens and stabilizer in our arsenal. Lauretta Molitor worked audio. Abby pulled the selects, and it was cut in our hotel room at the Standard in LA by our friend (and twitter phenom) Andrew who is working as a producer on the project.

We wish we could say more, and with any luck we will be able to in the weeks to come. For now we’re hanging at the Standard, and Abby’s got a full edit station set up in our room. Jeremey is enjoying a rest day in the middle of two weeks of production around Los Angeles.

If you’re in New York and you’d like to check One Ride out:

Queens Theatre in the Park (QTP) presents One Ride on October 29-30 and November 3-6 at 8pm, and October 30-31 and November 4-6 at 2pm, and November 7 at 3pm, at Queens Theatre in the Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Flushing, NY. Tickets are $34-40 (with varying Multi-Show, Senior, and Student discounts). Tickets are available at or by phone at 718-760-0064.

6 Responses to “Sneak Peak: One Ride”

  1. Debbie McClellan says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the new project by Robert Royston and his incredible cast,crew and all the hard work that has been going on for the past few weeks.Knowing first hand some of the last minute details that a show like this requires makes me appriciate all Roberts hard work and dedication.Thank you for all the people involved in this amazing adventure. Have a great One Ride.

  2. Mike Williams says:

    I actually saw a couple of the cast member perform this weekend at the Rodeo Bar in Manhattan. If the show is half as good as those dancers were then it will be an amazing show. I did a little research and found thatyou can enter to win free tickets on thier twitter account to. I thought it was worth a shot.

  3. Megan Glover says:

    Although we will not be there to see the show as were are across the pond in the UK (Liverpool). We would like to take this oppertunity to wish all the cast and crew the best of luck with the amazing ‘One Ride’.

    Good Luck again…
    Break A Leg!!!

    Family of Rob Glover x

  4. Sheila Glover says:

    I too would like to take this opportunity to wish all the cast, crew and backstage staff all the best of luck with not only your opening night, 29th Oct, but all forthcoming performance’s of ‘One Ride’.

    Good Luck from across the pond here in Liverpool.

    Rob Glovers Mum and Roy x

  5. Sonja says:

    I wish I could be there! But Wyoming to New York is a bit much of a trip for us right now. Good luck! I know it will be a wonderful show!

  6. Tim says:

    I wish someone, somewhere would post the cast and full production staff names. It would me more likely to attend, and the publicity is certainly deserved by what is surely a group of at least slightly (?) underpaid people. What else is the internet for? Google hasn’t found nearly that much information in my searches.

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