Dwntwn DSLR

Here’s the video evidence from our first DSLR Shoot. Check out Dwntwn’s new location and TeamJaded with a 7D and a Merlin Steadicam. Our friend Ben Youngerman also worked on this with his brand new Canon 5D. He did a great job, and his Zeiss lens looks sick!

We produced this to showcase our friend Johnny’s new shop and also as a test shoot for our new DSLR’s. How’d we do for a first go round?

Next time you’re South of Market roll through Dwntwn… they might even be making vegan pizzas.

DWNTWN Skate Supply
1086 Howard St.

8 Responses to “Dwntwn DSLR”

  1. Giselle Kennedy says:

    that looks amazing. i love the color quality. and the editing. nice work homies.
    how do you record sound when you shoot with the 7D? just curious.
    hope you’re well. keep kickin’ ass.

  2. Todd F says:

    Very nice. Definitely doesn’t look like “trying out a new camera”.

  3. Jeremey says:

    Thanks Giselle! We used our Sennhieser wireless mics plugged into a Zoom H4n (which we are also learning how to use). The Zoom is really cool as an audio device, but there’s definitely a learning curve. Some the audio came in a little hot (and we cut most of that out ha ha.)

    We’re also working with these camera’s on a series of shoots for B of A, and for that we’ve got a full on audio person with an arsenal of mic’s and a mixer.

  4. Shrewgy says:

    As always, JADED is on another level. Way to keep pushing! Love you guys & your brussel sprouts too!

  5. admin says:

    You should come over soon and eat some.

  6. PK says:

    Wow, super good sharp images. That 7d camera is the bomb, and you got it working well for you already. Makes me want to get up on down to the DWNTWN shop for sure.
    Cool! -PK

  7. lo says:

    Kids who put on glasses for the first time see trees where blobs once were. This vid is trees compared to the blobs of other web vids. TJ always on the cutting edge. Wish my eyeballs had this kinda vivid clarity.

  8. TJ Walkup says:

    really sweet looking rigs! amazing pix and top edit!

    now I have to blow more cash on new stuff!

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