The Hidden Power of the Gospels by Alexander Shaia

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Christianity is in crisis. Increasing numbers of people are opting out. Why? Have recent discoveries in archaeology uprooted our faith in the Bible? Do the gospels no longer serve our modern, complicated lives? In The Hidden Power of the Gospels, Dr. Alexander Shaia moves beyond the typical approach to reveal an undiscovered truth thats been dormant for over one thousand years.

In the tradition of such writers as Thomas Moore and Don Miguel Ruiz, Shaia reveals how the recurring cycles of change, loss, enlightenment, and maturation are illuminated by the Bibles four gospels. Combining ancient Christian traditions, anthropology, and modern psychology, he reveals what has been in front of our eyes for two thousand years: that each of the gospels is centered on a different core metaphor and each focuses on a vital spiritual question.

Matthew begins with the question How do we face change? Mark faces the hard question of How do we move through suffering? John stirs and elevates the soul as he asks, How do we receive joy? And Luke moves forward on the practical journey, as he inquires, How do we mature in service? Shaia weaves these questions together in what he calls the “quadratos” journey, a recurring fourfold cycle that lives on as a constant companion throughout our lives.

Shaia unravels the divine inspiration of this mysterious sequence and links its ancient truths to universal, modern understandings. By using this lens, the gospels become practical guides for creating faith-filled lives that are relevant and useful in a time that is much more complex than village life millennia ago. In the sequence Shaia discloses, the gospels become the map for our never-ending spiritual journey.

ALEXANDER J. SHAIA, PH.D., is an educator, psychologist, spiritual director, liturgist, writer, passionate professional speaker, and practicing Christian. He is the founder and director of the Blue Door Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shaia travels internationally, lecturing and conducting workshops on the four-gospel journey of “quadratos,” psychotherapy, rites of passage, and Christian spirituality.

MICHELLE GAUGY was the president of the Awakening Museum and Foundation and is the owner of a large art gallery and a writer. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Title: Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey
Author: Alexander Shaia with Michelle Gaugy
ISBN: 9780061898013

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