Roughneck Caltrain Tour 2010

The 1st Annual Roughneck Caltrain Tour rolled down the Peninsula last weekend. As usual TeamJaded was on the scene documenting every second of it. We will have an edit for you shortly.

Some of you may have noticed that we’re making changes to the site. We’re shifting the emphasis from our blog to showcasing what it is we actually do, namely producing compelling video. To that end, we’re in the middle of a big contract gig with a regular client and we won’t be able to edit Caltrain Tour until we’re finished with that in a couple of weeks.

Please stay tuned. We’ve got a lot cooking at TeamJaded Productions. In fact we’re piloting a reality series with Roughneck Johnny and it’s going to be epic. Check back often.

In the mean time, our friend Christian over at Stick It posted an amazing blog about Caltrain tour that features several pictures of Jeremey looking stupid (and some great skating too.) Check it out.

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