He’s Just No Good For You by Beth Wilson

Produced by Jeremey Lavoi and Abby Berendt Lavoi
Edited by Jeremey Lavoi

Beth Wilson is the best-selling author of five previous books, including Meditations for New Mothers, and the host of a popular Internet radio show, Quantum Leaps, on VoiceAmerica’s Women’s Channel. She lives in the San Francisco area.

He’s Just No Good for You
is for all women who have found themselves wondering if the “great” guy others see at their side is in fact not so great—or worse.

“Finally, here is a guide for freeing women who are ensnared unnecessarily in relationships that are emotionally abusive. A must read.” —John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“Women of all ages need to read this book! Beth brings a fresh approach to the topic and a compassionate voice, focusing on women’s empowerment and learning to trust ourselves, especially in relationships.” —Lisa Frederiksen, author of If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!

Title: He’s Just No Good For You: A Guide to Getting Out of a Destructive Relationship
Author: Beth Wilson
ISBN: 9780762749348

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