Letter to Ross Mirkarimi District 5 San Francisco

Skatepark construction at the Waller St. site in San Francisco is in danger of being derailed at this last possible moment. Please send this letter (courtesy of the San Francisco Skatepark Association) to Supervisor Mirkarimi of District 5 to let him know that we would very much appreciate his support.

His email address is:

His mailing address is:
721 Webster St
San Francisco, California 94117

Dear Supervisor Mirkarimi,

Thank you for your hard work in support of skateboarding in San Francisco. As you know San Francisco has a rich tradition of skateboarding culture. Over the past decade skateboarding has become a mainstream sport all over the world, but The City has been slow to build adequate facilities to support the growth of this youth recreational activity.

To this end you have championed the creation of the first skate park in your district at Waller St. in Golden Gate Park. We the voting members of the San Francisco Skateboarding Association applaud you for this effort.

Recently a small group of people have tried to derail this “once in a lifetime chance” to bring a world class skate facility and much needed public multi-use space to the
greatest park in America. We believe that their complaints stem from ignorance and outdated stereotypes about one of the most popular youth activities in America. Skateboarding is the 6th largest participant sport in the United States, and the third largest sport for children between the ages of 6 – 18. It is more popular than basketball and baseball for children in that age group.

Studies show that in San Francisco, children can not safely travel more than two miles for recreational activities. How strange would it be if the children of your district had no basketball courts or baseball diamonds within two miles of their homes? The only skate parks in San Francisco are Crocker Amazon and Portero Del Sol in the Mission. The children of District 5 deserve the modern equivalent of a baseball diamond. They need this park.

In fact this park will not only serve the children of the Haight, but also the Panhandle, Marina, Richmond, Sunset, Cole Valley, and the Western Addition. The fact is that many more people will benefit from this skate park and the surrounding public space improvements than the small number of people that oppose it. Public activation of the Waller St. space will bring youth activities, a farmers market, and possibly a seasonal ice rink to your district. It will bring a vibrant positive space to what is now a dead end street.

Critics of the plan claim that the skate park will bring noise and unwanted vandalism. We believe these complaints can be addressed at upcoming community based design meetings. After the Portero Del Sol skate park was built, the gang related activity, drug abuse, and homeless residents all but vanished from that park. We believe that the construction of a skate park in your district would have a similar impact in the Haight.

Please don’t waver in the face of ignorance. Please continue to support the youth of San Francisco, especially the youth of your district. Please continue to be our champion.

Concerned Skater and Citizen,

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  1. Tristan Metcalf says:

    This would be a great for San Francisco.

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