Roughneck: Back to Backside 9 Video

Roughneck: Back to the Backside 9
“A Race for Blood and Treasure”
12/13 2009

The contest was last Sunday, unfortunately the NorCal winter rains came down that day as well. When I woke up Sunday morning I thought for sure that it was going to be rained out, so I called Johnny to find out what was happening. He said, “If it keeps raining I’m doing it by myself in the rain. If it stops raining it’s still on.” Then Jimmy Nelson called me and told me he was setting up a rain board.

The rain dropped to a drizzle, a few soldiers showed up DWTWN, and Johnny said let’s do this… or circa dirka, or something like that.

Noah Peacock took it. In the video it looks like Matt Pugh won. Noah won by a lot. The finish line shot in the vid is his second time down the last block.

Abby and I filmed. She was hanging out the passenger side window of the Civic. I was piloting the vehicle with our B-cam mounted via our friend (and fellow schmoo) Ben Youngerman’s car mount.

Les Vieilles Salopes
“La nuit avec vous”

3 Responses to “Roughneck: Back to Backside 9 Video”

  1. Shrewgy says:

    NOAH PEACOCK is an OG Frisco Hill-Bombing Beast! Hell yeah Noah, thanks to Jaded also, for covering the melee!

  2. ac says:

    noah kills it.

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