Gang of Fourstar

Reading Boil the Ocean has become at least a biweekly occurence for me. You’ve probably noticed the many topics I’ve borrow from them, and this is yet another.

Gang of Fourstar is a brilliant example of art direction in skate videos (if you can even call them that anymore). …I don’t mean “art” in the way that Workshop vids (which I love) scream Koyaanisqatsi. There aren’t any elements in this video that shout “we totally, like thought super hard about how to make crazy interstitials and trippy montages.” It’s just shot well… really well.

The direction presents itself through thoughtful compositions and portrait b-roll that leans heavily on the long lens, and plays to the strengths of those HD Panasonic’s that Ty Evans ushered into skate film vernacular. …Or to put it another way, the video is pretty… and it has a more real than real, film quality that comes from a combination of that brilliant HD and sparse usage of the fish angle.

Good job to Meza and Bagley. I’ve enjoyed watching Girl camp quality push skate video production. I get psyched when I see how far we’ve come from the Century death lens dominated VX1000 days of the 90′s.

On a side note… Are we seeing the death of the death lens? I hope so.

If you can’t get the vid to play at Fourstar, try this (via the Boil the Ocean comment section):

Sean Says:
October 13, 2009 at 8:03 am | Reply
Some smart cookie at Slap posted this:

open up quicktime
go file > open url
and paste
click ok

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