"Big Insurance: Sick of It": SF Protesters Rush Anthem Blue Cross Office

This whole video was shot with my iPhone. I edited in some text and a few photos I shot as well.

Yesterday during my lunch break I ventured across the street to participate in a rally called “Big Insurance: Sick of It.” I’m pretty bad at estimating crowds, but if you know San Francisco, the protesters took up a good thick city block and then some. I could barely elbow my way through the crowd (a short persons’ claustrophobic nightmare), which was filled with giant signs, megaphones, and camera crews. I had my iPhone on me and decided to take some pics and video. I put together this video montage of the events which included a group of people bum-rushing the Anthem Blue Cross offices above the protest. I tagged along (although I think it was suppose to be only “media”)… Obviously, Angela Braly, CEO of Wellpoint, Blue Cross, the intended recipient of the “List of Demands,” never actually surfaced, but it was a valiant effort on everyone’s part. These protests took place across the country, and I hope they made a big dent in the fight against giant Health Industry corporations.

I believe the protests were put on by Health Care for America Now, and possibly MoveOn.org (they both had plenty of pamphlets to hand out).

In the video you’ll see Billionaires for Wealthcare singing one of their songs. You can find the lyrics to that song here [you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of that page].

I also met some nice people from change.org and sfnewsfeed.us.

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