Laura and Euna Video Petition (Instructions)

Please join our Video Petition to free Laura Ling and Euna Lee from imprisonment in North Korea.

It’s easy just click PLAY, then click REPLY in the top right corner, and then record a response.

All you have to do is say your name, say where you live, and hold up a sign that says “Free Laura Ling and Euna Lee“.

If you don’t have a Seesmic account, just sign up it’s easy!

When you hit reply you’ll see this:

Create a user name, put in your email address, and click JOIN.

You’ll get an activation email. Open it and click the link. The link will take you to, but don’t log in there. Nothing bad will happen if you do, it’s just easier to come back here and log in to the player. (If the player is giving you error messages, then try going directly to the Seesmic thread.)

Don’t worry that all the registration info you typed is still there on the left side. Just type in your newly registered user name and password, then click LOG IN.

Now wasn’t that easy? You should be either looking at yourself in the video player right now, or being asked for permission to access your webcam. In the case of the latter, click ALLOW. Now you should finally be seeing yourself through the eyes of your webcam. When you’re ready just click the big red record button and join in.

You will be able to review your video before posting. If you don’t like the first take please try again. It will only post publicly when you give it permission to.

If enough people participate we can create a powerful visual representation of global support for our friends.

Please take a moment and lend your voice to the cause.

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