Make It Happen: DIY Across America

The Make It Happen Project is a documentary series dedicated to covering people succeeding at what they love, and doing so independently.

We kicked off the project by traveling across America in search of inspiring people with stories to share.

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We also posted blogs and vlogs from the road detailing our progress.

(Check our Youtube page for updates. We recently reuploaded all the vlogs in HD.)

We kept up with vlogs until we realized that it was way more fun to travel if we weren’t constantly filming ourselves.

We were on the road for four months. In that time we met many interesting people including the Austin Craft Mafia, the artists at Okay Mountain, the folks who run the Lost Film Festival and Evil Twin Booking in Philly, the New Orleans poet Chuck Perkins, the Poor Pony Collective, TBC Party, and Bling Kong, a Brooklyn based, choose your own adventure rock band.

The trip was awesome, we only wish we could have been on the road longer and met more people. Now after over a year back in San Francisco, a tryst with the Web 2.0 industry, and our wedding, we are finally editing the Make It Happen stories. The first story that we produced for the series was Lowcard. It was shot in San Francisco just before we left. That piece has been cut, and we have entered it in the Skateboard Film Festival.

It’s up on their website now, which makes us think that it’s been accepted. Because of that we won’t be posting the finished piece until after the festival in August. Until then enjoy the trailer and our snazzy write up.

(Edit: Make It Happen: Lowcard premiered at the Skateboard Film Festival in Seattle, Saturday August 14. To watch it, click here.)

“Lowcard started as a humble xeroxed rag passed between a small crew of friends. Now its circulation is in the thousands, and the Lowcard brand presides over an empire of clothes, shot glasses, and even AM/FM radios.

However, the name Lowcard is more than just the header on a magazine or a logo on a t-shirt. Lowcard is synonymous with raw and unapologetic skateboard culture. This film is a brief look into the day-to-day happenings of Lowcard’s editor in chief, Rob Collinson.”

Please check back for lots more updates on the project soon.

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