Help get that new S.F. Skatepark Built!

Repost for San Francisco Skateboarding Association:

Urgent Action Required

Help move Caltrans skate park through
We are still trying to get the city land use committee to sign off on the land sales that are to be used for the new caltrans skate park. we need every member of the SFSA to cut and paste the below section of this e-mail and send it to these supervisors

Dear Land Use Committee,
I am writing to urge you and your land use colleagues to approve the land sales that are to be used for the funding of the Caltrans/Duboce skate park, aka West Soma Skatepark, Which is located under the freeway overpass at Duboce between Mission and Valencia. This park is very important to the young skaters in the city and is a much needed skatepark in a VERY under-represented section of our great cities population. Kids from the age of 7- 17 have very little opportunity (if any) to skate anywhere but in the streets due to the lack of ANY skate park or area in their neighborhood. They need a place to recreate and practice their sport, the Caltrans park is just what is needed at this time.
With the critical need for more skateparks in SF ( we have only two and one is very bad), kids who live in the sunset or richmond spend over an hour just to get to the one good skate park at potrero del sol and the ride home is even longer. Kids in Hunters Point also spend a long time getting there. This centrally located park has also received world wide attention from many skaters and skate event organizers around the globe and it is shaping up to be a world class skate park attraction. The designs have been paid for and they are almost done and it will be our second of five world class parks. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, please help make this happen by approving the sale of land to fund this and other vital projects.
For many years the skateboarding community has been left out on the street when it comes to rebuilding our parks and neighborhoods, this is your chance to help the kids who skate in your community directly and effectively. The SFSA also has plans for ten skate parks in San Francisco and I am sure there is one planned for you in your district. If you have any questions please take a moment at visit the SFSA website at

Keep the kids rollin’

SFSA Member and skater
here are 30 more reasons to convince you
Skateboarders need safe places to recreate.
Skateparks, if designed and constructed correctly, are fiscally conservative and require very little maintenance.
Compared to other sports, skateboarding is underserved in the area.
Skateboarding has millions of participants nationally and it’s still growing while more traditional sports are in decline. There are currently abundant facilities for these other sports.
Skateboarding is a multi-million dollar industry.
Skateboarders represent a vital part of an urban community.
A skatepark can attract skateboarding tourists if designed to do so.
With national health issues looming for today’s youth, it’s time to offer a greater number of healthy, athletic choices.
The cost to participate is accessible to every economic class.
Thousands of other communities have come to understand the value of skateparks.
Skating in a park is much safer than skating in the streets.
The community already has hundreds, and maybe thousands of skateboarders.
In the future there are going to be many legitimate places to skate in the city. The time to embark on that positive future is now.
A skatepark is a place where skateboarders and other people who might not cross paths in the street can come together.
Skateparks can displace other less desirable activities in an area.
The skatepark can be an attraction for family vacations.
Skateboarding is “cool,” And a skatepark will enhance the community’s reputation.
Good skateparks often have volunteer teams to help maintain the facility.
Skateparks can draw skateboarders away from less appropriate areas.
Young and old people use skateparks.
Skateparks support vibrant, healthy communities, just like many other athletic facilities.
Skateboarding is mainstream.
Skateboarding is a popular spectator sport.
Skateparks are flexible in design and can work in many different size plots.
The skatepark can be a place to go after school.
Neighborhood skateparks allow younger skaters to recreate safely close to home.
Skateboarding is happening with or without a skatepark.
There are experts who can help the community plan out their next skatepark.
The best time to start the new skatepark is today.
If a city doesn’t have a skatepark, it is a skatepark.

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