Detained in North Korea

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, journalists for Current TV’s Vanguard unit are missing after being taken into custody by North Korean border guards at the Chinese – North Korean border. They were detained in the Yalu river region while producing a piece about North Korean defectors to China. At the present time their exact whereabouts are unknown. The U.S. State department is working with the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang to get more information.

To learn more about the story read this ABC article.

Both Laura and Euna are friends of TeamJaded. Laura was largely responsible for getting my first pod’s to air at Current. She used her limited budget to send me, an unproven skater kid to Louisiana during the Katrina madness to produce my first significant work. Her help launched me on the path that I’m still following today, and for that she has my eternal gratitude. I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for her.

So here at TeamJaded our hearts go out to both Laura and Euna. We hope that they are safe and being treated fairly. Hopefully this situation will be resolved quickly.

To Laura and Euna, we are awaiting your safe return.

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