Since the economy is in the pooper, and going to the movies takes a big chunk out of the ol’ pocket book, Jeremey and I have decided to update our Netflix queue. We’ve loaded it with documentaries like it was our job (hmmm, maybe someday). Some are classics, like Hoop Dreams (which apparently anyone who’s anyone that shoots non-fiction has seen). Others are filled with fundamentalist zealotry, life-changing events, pop culture phenomenons, and the obligatory political conspiracy. I’m pretty psyched to jump into this endless tunnel of reality (would TruTV call it Actuality?). Our re-queuing occurred last week, and we’ve already zipped through the following:

… with Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson waiting patiently to be plopped into our DVD player.

We’ve got a line up that could potentially last all year, but alas, there’s more to do than just watch the docs. We’re getting a move on our own. And as always, more on that to come…

For some continued awesome doc-itude, here’s the trailer from an old Current TV co-worker, Brooke Sebold’s film Red Without Blue.

One Response to “Doculiciousness.”

  1. Julie says:

    Well well…It’s not a bad way to spend time, unless the weather is bomb like it happens to be right now. Either way, I have totally been amazed by the # of interesting docs on the netflix ‘watch instantly’ thing. It rocks! My recs are Helvetica and Ghost Ride The Whip and King of Kong. (I bet you’ve seen them all already- ha) Anyway, just stopping in to say hi. :J)

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