State of the Mental Economy

Willful ignorance is bigger problem than our economic woes, because without an informed citizenry we can’t make good decisions about our leaders, about the kinds of things that should be taught in school, or about how to manage our money.

When I watched that video I wanted to believe it was a mocumentary… On the other hand, I’ve been to rural Ohio so I guess it’s not that hard to believe.

Wake up people. Do you really want to be on television saying Obama is a Muslim, when clearly one of the biggest “scandals” of the season was about his Christian church leader? America is operating on brain level zero.

The bottom line is that our country is mentally segregated. Lefties on the coasts and in the cities. Right Wingers in the countryside and the suburbs. This sort of segregation is making for awkward elections, a crumbling economy, embarrassing foreign policy, and corporate rape of the globe. If we all congregate to communities that reinforce our beliefs, we all become blind fanatics.

And I’m guilty of it. I grew up in Southern Louisiana, which has its left wingers, but is overwhelmingly lunatic fringe, creationist, right wing. Then I fled to San Francisco, which supposedly has a right wing hiding somewhere, but is overwhelmingly lunatic fringe, left wing. …Which I love, I do, but after living here a few years I have to say that I miss the arguments.

It sounds crazy I know, but when you discuss an opposing point of view with someone your brain starts working. You have to defend your position so you have to think about it. You have to use reason. You might even learn something and change your mind.

Now I’m arguing with the television and it’s not a great conversationalist. Now I’m arguing with this culture of ignorance through my obscure blog that’s getting through to nobody, and that is ridiculous.

The people in this video are making decisions about how we should run our country based on information that is hilariously false, and easily proved wrong. They’re also basing their decisions on racism, which is deeply rooted in this culture of mental isolationism. I want to make fun of these people, but we have to be better than this. We have to mingle.

What passes for political logic can’t be that Sarah Palin is full of the Holy Spirit, even if they did exorcise the witches.

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