As Described

TeamJaded friend and supporter Jim Horsfield has a new project:

He describes it as:

“A sometimes redundant blog site which kicks into action when and if i do something that may vaguely be interesting to someone else.. covering audio visual shenanigans and VJ/film/video production.”

Sounds familiar. At the moment he’s on a two week tour with The Bays & The Heritage Orchestra in the U.K. It looks and sounds like an interesting gig:

“The premise of the show is that the Bays never rehearse/practice and jam and create their set live in front of an audience. This is somewhat easy to do(!!) as the 4 members of the bays (Andy, Chris, Simon and Jamie) have played together in this way for nearly 10 years.”

Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. AnthdoniOl says:

    День добрый. Есть на веб-портале нужная информация

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