Almost Made It

I had to repost that. Sorry.

There was so much going on in San Fran this weekend. Open Studios. DocFest. Hood Games. Hella Hella NorCal in Ripon. Oh and lot of wedding stuff for Abby and I.

So we didn’t make it out to much, but I did check out Hood Games for a little while with my friends Tyler and John. The place was packed with kids, which made me happy because community skate parks don’t survive without support. From the state of the ramps it looked like the park wasn’t quite finished, but that didn’t stop the kids from ripping it up. After about fifteen minutes of watching them swarm like bees we decided to take the session to downtown Oakland, which was totally deserted.

In other skate community news, Abby and I tried to stop by the San Francisco Skate Association event at Golden Gate Park on Sunday, but it turns out that the event is next weekend. Whoops.

If you’re in the city drop by and check it out.

I started the day out at Potrero Del Sol where I slammed doing a kick turn. Awesome. Time to edit my new reel.

One Response to “Almost Made It”

  1. lo says:

    What is that sea beast??? Is that thing roaming our waters? This is why I don’t go into the ocean.

    There are post-apocalyptic, zombie infested, war torn, ghost towns that have more fully-functioning humans walking around compared to downtown Oakland.

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