Seesmic TechCrunch Update Day 2

Taylor Barr, Taylor Barr, I told y’all we made that guy famous. First he posts this video and wins our contest. Here’s the team telling the world:

TC50 Winner!Congratulations TB!

And now he’s in Wired. This JUST IN they want him to sing the national anthem to close this thing down tomorrow, seriously.
Photo from DotBen’s Flickr.

Day two has been slightly different than day one. The first part of the day was chaos… We did a run through with our gear first thing in the morning, everything was working fine, then Loic walked over with Michael Arrington and all of our audio gear went kuput.

First one of our lav’s, then our shotgun, then the actual channel 2 XLR input on our VIU. What made it even worse was that we were setting up for Rachael’s interview with Ashton Kutcher when all this went down, so she had to interview Ashton and Jason Goldberg with only one lav between the three of them.

I had to ride the levels like crazy, but we made do.

Ashton Kutcher on Seesmic!

The aspect ratio on the first video was a CamTwist issue. If it could go wrong it has. But we are getting through it all, and still coming out with lots of content. Everything is working now of course. The rest of the day has been a lot more calm. We shot another interview up here in the Seesmic Studio…

…but we haven’t uploaded it because we’re trying to give the Seesmic Community a TechCrunch break. Thomas Knoll says thank you.

All in all there are some interesting companies presenting. I admire all the people who have made treks from places far from the Valley to pitch their companies here. I can definitely relate to them, maybe not on the Tech start-up level, but on the level of wanting to do your own thing and needing the help of money people to do it. Tomorrow I’d like to get out on the floor and chat it up a little more, maybe get the stories of some of these guys. For now, I’m celebrating the wifi and sharing pictures.

Photos for this post came from Giselle and Whit.

3 Responses to “Seesmic TechCrunch Update Day 2”

  1. lo says:

    PBR is a always the winner in my book.

  2. Jeremey says:

    this is my favorite response ever

  3. Taylor Barr says:

    I just NOW found this with google alerts. Nice work covering the TechCrunch 50! I liked the part, “I told you we would make this guy famous.” You rock! Can’t wait to come back to SF.

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