Roughneck BART Tour 2008 Video!!!!

High Res version for the those of you with good connections:

Here’s the long awaited BART Tour vid. Sorry it took a couple of weeks. I had a lot of footage to go through and Abby and I spent last weekend at a wedding in Louisiana. Congrats Crystal and John.

BART Tour is a San Francisco institution hosted annually by Roughneck Hardware. This year Johnny got the party started at Mission Skateshop with bagels, mimosas, and a memorial for Van Wastell RIP. Skating started down the street at Potrero Del Sol skatepark where Ratface took best trick on the tombstone with an all out assault on the damn thing. Next up was 24th Street BART where Chubbs took the honors for biggest frontside wallride.

I rode BART with the crew up until Embarcadero Station where I hopped out and jumped in the Civic. (lame I know) I missed some crazy manuals and a civilian getting taken out. Luckily Hidehiko Fujiwara was there with the one chip, and so was Satva (check out his vid.) BART got stuck on the tracks so I beat everybody to Walnut Creek. Johnny texted me to let me know what was going down, and asked for beer, so I picked up a case of Coors which made the Civic a popular destination.

Walnut Creek was madness with three best trick contests: stairs, transfer, and hubba ledge; switch kickflip, launch to backlip, and kickflip front fifty respectively. The only name I caught was Justin who rocked the hubba. After the contests Charlie tossed a couple of boards and nearly started a riot. The guy who wrestled the second board from the mob was chased out of the park.

Then it was off to Berkeley with Charlie, Lil’ Stevie, D, and Chubbs in the civic for road sodas and quicker transportation. Berkeley went off smoothly and without cops unlike in years past… just good times, bbq, and skateboarding. Jon Stallings took best trick on the big quarter pipe. Ride or Die.

Thanks to Johnny and Charlie for organizing BART Tour. Thanks to Hidehiko for joining forces with me on the video. And thanks to the artists on for the music.

Music credits:

Lady Fingers
High Stakes

The Psychosomatiks
Fort Minor Remix
(Editors note: can’t find my way back to this url)

What Cha Need and
Look at Me

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See you next year.

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  1. lo says:

    Sick. I’m hyped teamjaded was there to document and share a taste of BART Tour with the masses.

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