Day 3 Crunch Log: In Present Tense and Berry Flavors

Photo of me shooting (yesterday) from DotBen’s Flickr. The rest of the photos are mine.

10:32 AM

It’s the third and final day of TechCrunch 50, and I’m sitting up stairs on the media deck manning the Seesmic Studio solo. Whit and Giselle are using the VIU to shoot Giselle’s swag review, so the studio is on break until the camera returns.

Here’s bag o’ swag from yesterday.

bag o’ swag: tuesday
I just had a long talk with a blogger girl named Jennifer who is here promoting a friends start-up called Edmodo… I think. It’s sort of like a Pownce for teachers, at least that’s what she said. I’m not too sure what that means. She seemed cool though. She was in the demo pit on Monday, and today she’s just walking around. How she came to the Seesmic studio was because she needed a place to set her bags and I guess Seesmic seemed like a safe place. We do have a pile of gear up here.

The floor looks calm this morning. I wonder if things will pick up in the afternoon, or if the peak of the conference has passed. We’re probably going to break down the studio around 4 and then head to 330 Rich to set up for the Seesmic Party that closes TechCrunch 50.

I haven’t yet formulated an opinion of all this. For Seesmic it has definitely been a big deal. It’s important for both the company and the staff to be visible at events like this. Subtext to that is Seesmic’s deep relationship with TechCrunch, so it was also important that we pour all our coverage resources into the event. However, aside from technical issues, the appropriate amount of coverage has been challenging because we’ve had to balance what we produce with what the Seesmic community is comfortable consuming. What we’ve learned is that they aren’t too excited about seeing lots of coverage of a convention they aren’t attending. I wonder if that will be such a problem when Seesmic has groups…

In any case, we had to scale back with posting, but not with production. And since we still have the microsite to populate, we aren’t too sure how to handle the Seesmic timeline… but I’m confident all that will work itself out.

My experience here has been one of production facilitator and TechCrunch observer. I haven’t met many people, because I’ve spent most of my time at the studio making sure our gear is in working order… when it frequently hasn’t been. We need to invest in more than half a set of working gear… but enough about that.

When I have been on the floor, I’ve seen a lot of people trying to fund their ventures and those people are similar to Abby and I. Maybe not in the type of business they are running, but in needing money to get their passion project off the ground.

More than once it’s crossed my mind that I should walk around pitching Jaded as a promotional video production company to anybody that needs marketing material for their website. There are two problems with that though. The first is that I’m here representing Seesmic, so I’m not sure how appropriate that would be. The second is that Jaded might be willing and able to produce marketing videos like we recently produced for the Green Bible, but that’s not who we are. We are primarily in the business of documentary production. And that brings me to an internal debate that we’ve been having. It’s obvious that we could make money producing that kind of work, and possibly even finance our passion projects through them… but when exactly would we be traveling the world shooting films if we were tied down shooting corporate gigs all the time.

Whit and Giselle are back from the swag review which means the camera is back. So I should prep the studio.

11:20 AM

Studio is set up. Mics are working. Live capture is working. Lets cross our fingers that everything doesn’t crap out when it counts like it did yesterday.


Just ate enchiladas with the team, a guy from CNET, and one of today’s presenters TrueCar. I had tiny cheese cake cubes for desert that tasted awesome. I also made it down to the floor and talked to a couple of companies of relevance to TeamJaded. The first was Five Sprockets who pitched themselves as a resource for filmmakers in all steps of production from Pre to Marketing. It sounded like a specified LinkedIn, but they claimed it was more. I asked them about help
ing filmmakers get funding, and they didn’t have an answer for that… yet. Which brings me to Indie GoGo, who have set up downstairs next to the Seesmic booth. Their site is also a social networky kind of thing for filmmakers, but they are cognizant of the funding issue, and even have it highlighted…

hold up…

Loren Feldman just asked me to shoot his puppet interview shtick with the guy who owns Mahalo

Back to Indie GoGo, the site has been up and running since last years Sundance and they claim to have an active and supportive community who is willing to help with funding. Their representative told me that filmmakers have raised thousands of dollars on Indie GoGo and some distributors are looking at it as a development pipeline. Apparently they were also at DIY Days, but I missed them. I’ll definitely have to check it out.

02:10 PM

Headed over to the stage to watch presentations. Loic is on the panel.


Notable presentation. Footnote… Facebook for dead people.

Things are winding down for our production team. I’m about to break down the studio move everything over to 330 rich for the party.

Signing out.

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  1. lo says:

    It seemed like you had some fun at TechCrunch 50.

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