Thrasher Bust or Bail Footage

Low Res

High Res
This is how I spent my saturday. Sorry it’s not the Blip Player. I’m having quicktime and flash compression issues. But whatevs, youtube’s got this new high quality thing going. Is there a FCP/ Episode Pro compression expert out there? Holla at me.

(09/02/08 Handled the compression problem, exported to Apple Intermediate Codec, then compressed to Flash, thus the Blip Player Above)

In other news Hurricane Gustav is baring down on the homeland. Mandatory evacuations for pretty much everybody I know. Stay safe y’all.

4 Responses to “Thrasher Bust or Bail Footage”

  1. Lonny B says:


  2. Shrewgy says:

    Yeah Jer, you pulled it off, good shit bro. Good to see you as well.

  3. Jeremey says:

    thanks man, I almost didn’t cause of some technical issues. you like the team jaded “rough cut” stamp at the end? anyway, good to see you to mang.

  4. lo says:

    word, safety in the gulf

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