DIY Days

Abby and I just got back from the DIY Days event at Minna. We had to go because, you know DIY was in the name, which has me thinking a lot about the nature of that term, but I’ll save that for another post.

The event was put on by the Workbook Project and From Here to Awesome, and was sponsored by Current. It was hosted by Arin Crumley from Four Eyed Monster. The purpose was to bring independent filmmakers together for a one day event and get them talking about how to use the web for funding, marketing, and distribution.

Since we were once employed by one of the sponsors (Current), and now I work in social media (Seesmic), and Abby is involved in web marketing for Harper Collins; it follows that we might have some knowledge about the stated topic of the conference. It also follows that we might be able to apply that knowledge to our own film projects (Make It Happen and Mulch).

…But as anyone who reads this blog knows, or biggest hurdle has been funding. So learning about where the money comes from is what sparked my interest in DIY Days.

An interesting point to note is that we only found about the conference through a random web search about something else… which leads me to wonder why a conference that seems so perfect for us, would miss us. Then again, I guess it didn’t miss us because we found it eventually.

So did we get from there to awesome? What did we learn? Where does the money come from? Interestingly enough, we found out that we are way ahead of the game in the marketing department that is.

The main points:

Use social media, like our myspace and twitter accounts.

Blog about your project, your problems, and your victories to build an audience who is personally invested… And while you’re doing that, post additional content related to your film, like side videos (our vlogs) and stills… welcome to

Put your media everywhere: like our Youtube, our Blip, and our Current TV tagged page…

Make your films and let the film industry, your audience, and the monetization catch up to you… Well we’re still waiting.

But one thing we haven’t done and that we need to do is update regularly. So we are going to try our hardest.

Like many of the filmmakers at the event today, one of our problems is that we can’t work on our projects full-time because we need to have day jobs to pay our rent. When we’re not at work, we barely have time to log tapes, much less engage in hours of social media outreach… but we’re trying so hang in there. The conference did not really address this problem beyond “knowing rich people” who want to invest in film… which is what we already suspected and were afraid of… (Anybody know any rich people?)

In the meantime check out Four Eyed Monster because they succeeded in this crazy web/film marketing experiment and from the videos I’ve seen on youtube it looks like they made a solid film. So good for them.

Now we’re off to Cafe Du Nord to see Judgement Day who the San Francisco Bay Guardian claims is totally diy…


3 Responses to “DIY Days”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The “know rich friends” guy reminded me of the annoying junior theater director on “Slings and Arrows.”
    Actually… he lost me right at the beginning when he said his first project was for “just $10,000.”
    Still, glad I went and very appreciative that I live in city that has events like this.

  2. Jeremey says:

    Yeah, I definitely appreciate it too. All in all I thought the event was worth going the time I spent there.

  3. lo says:

    “know rich people” as advice to fund a project is about as helpful as “have the money already”

    I’d like to see more updates. I’m sure teamjaded has much knowledge to spread about their projects others in the community.

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