Writing the Ship

If your still here and you want to know the status of Make It Happen, read on.

We had our production meeting a couple of weekends ago. We talked about the trip, the project as it began, and the future of Make It Happen. Next we wrote a Post Production priority list and created a calendar full of intimidating deadlines. Then we captured all the tapes that weren’t yet in our system… which was a lot. Now everything is digitized. We’re cutting footage, and we’re almost done with the New Orleans vlog featuring Chuck Perkins. Expect it soon. Yeah, yeah, we’ve been saying that forever, but it’s true, it is coming.

As for Abby and I, we’re finally settling in to San Francisco. Abby got a job, so we’re both working. Now we can pay rent with no worries and we are devoting all our spare time to editing the hours of footage we compiled on the road.

Make It Happen started as a basic idea and a desire to travel. So what is it now? For the moment it will be a web video series, with accompanying behind-the-scenes vlogs profiling people participating in independent projects that TeamJaded finds interesting.

The ultimate goal is now, and has always been a feature length documentary. Once all the material we shot on the road is out for mass consumption, we will move forward with turning Make It Happen in to the doc that it was always meant to be.

The catch is… That doc may not be about what we shot on the road.

Did I just blow your mind?

Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Writing the Ship”

  1. lo says:

    The feature doc is going to be about something different? I knew there was going to be a twist ending!

  2. Neil Cocker says:

    Hey guys,

    Glad to hear things are still moving forward. I hate it when “real life” gets in the way of the cool projects!

    Good luck – can’t wait to see the vlogs/docu.

    Neil (the one from Wales!)

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