World's Ends Meet

This is the view from down the street from our new digs in the Mishstro. The pic is totally borrowed from here. Thanks!

We’ve been back in San Fran for a couple of months now, and you’re all probably wondering what happened with the updates, vlogs, trailer, and well everything…

Have you heard of Maslo and his hierarchy of needs?

We’re stuck on survival at the moment. S.F. is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and if you’ll look to your right you might notice that we’ve been in the business of accepting donations since the get go… but this is not us asking for more money. The point is we just don’t have much cash flow; so making it in “the city” hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world.

We are making it though, for the moment. Jeremey is “freelancing” himself full-time to a dot com start-up called Seesmic and making just enough money to get by with no time to spare for anything else except eating and sleeping, and sometimes not that. Abby is actively on the hunt for work in the worst economy in our lifetime. Meanwhile, she’s also busy laying the groundwork for TeamJaded to ramp up production and more importantly post-production.

So expect new video content, it’s coming. We’re working on prioritizing our Post List and hopefully getting some time to dig in soon. Thanks for being patient with us.

In the meantime we gotta send shout-outs to some of our friends making it happen:

Roughneck, Decade of Aggression finally premiered last week, so expect it in a skate-shop near you at some point in the future.

Lowcard #22 is out and it’s bound.

Sisterz of the Underground just celebrated their 7-year anniversary. Happy anniversary ladies, we’re sure the party at Club 6 was a blow out.

And here is some random Seesmicness, Free Ingrid:

One Response to “World's Ends Meet”

  1. lo says:

    Hang in there Team Jaded. Dang-it-all if you didn’t spend the Winter marching through the corporate sprawl that is America only to be beat down by that same gluttonous classism you fought so hard against and that is crippling our economy.

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