Witness the Hub

This is another taste of Seesmic. I had the opportunity to cut Loic Lemeur’s show yesterday. Loic is the company’s founder and he also hosts a daily vlog called Seesmic Du Jour that details his experience launching Seesmic. The show is usually cut by Mr. Whit Scott, but he was busy playing Ultimate Frisbee in Italy.

The Reason that I’m sharing the show on TeamJaded is because Loic has an interesting guest. He talks to a guy named Sameer Padania who works for an organization called Witness. I’ll let them explain what Witness is all about…

Oh, and notice the color in that video? So vibrant. That’s our Canon A1, I love that camera.

One Response to “Witness the Hub”

  1. lo says:

    This is a great example of how the interweb is used as a form of checks and balances. The web will be the true forth estate.

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