Not really the end of the road. (MIH 31)

I’m pretty shocked that it’s been a month since we last posted. Honestly, it feels like yesterday. It does, however, make sense when you look at everything we’ve done.

And to let you in on something… after we posted the last video, we needed a break. We had been on the road for over 4 months, and it was taking its toll. We were both burnt out beyond our expectations, and truly just wanted a bed to sleep in. I was longing to not have to take my toothbrush out of its plastic travel container every night. We wanted to be home.

Except, we didn’t have a home.

We had given up our SF apartments for the road, and we wished we could drive back to the Bay and everything familiar would be just the way we left it… before we packed everything into a storage unit. But alas, everything was still in the storage unit, and we had no home.

So on Jan 15th, we left Lake Charles (the closest place we had to a home the last 4 months). We drove, and drove, and drove, and after a couple days, we got to Williams, AZ, home of Arizona’s oldest Bar, The Sultana.

We stayed at Buffalo Pointe Bed and Breakfast, and let me tell you… it was awesome.

We had somehow come across a buy-one-night-get-one-night-free coupon, and decided to use it. Amazing. They had a little restaurant next to our room that served breakfast with the best hash browns you’ll ever eat.

Williams is an hour outside of the Grand Canyon, on Route 66.

So if you’re ever on vacation in that neck of the woods, I highly recommend it. And with that, you now know… we ACTUALLY made it to the Grand Canyon.

It’s pretty grand. Like, way bigger than I thought it was.

After that, we drove a VERY long (and expensive) day, all the way to San Jose.

We arrived back where we started out, Marika’s apartment. Then we passed out.

The next day we drove to San Francisco. It greeted us with a smile.

(Sorry that was super cheesy)

We rejuvenated ourselves with a walk through Dolores Park and a giant Al Pastore burrito from (the best taqueria ever), Taqueria San Francisco.

We discussed our plan of action. It had been four months, one coast to the other and back again. And here we were, no home, no jobs, very little money, and boxes filled with mini DV tapes. What next?

Well, first a home. Then jobs… then money. Then, dear God, time to edit the documentary. Will this actually happen? We pretty much freaked.

It was nearing the end of the month. Apartments in SF were going quickly, and for TONS of money. (Thank you housing foreclosure crisis/ web 2.0 bubble). We spent the next 8 days on Craigslist. From 1-room apartments in the Mission, video editing gigs in Mountain View, studios in Noe Valley, Marketing Coordinator positions in the Financial District, and 2 rooms in the Richmond, we were Craigslists addicts. Applying for crew gigs, and new digs, we hoped someone would accept us. But we started losing hope. No responses. We got the weird-eye when we tried to explain that our “current residence” wasn’t really, well you know, available. And apparently our personally crafted cover letters weren’t wooing any prospective employers. We were truly, becoming desperate.

And then… a miracle day. I had talked to my mother early in the morning. I was at a Starbucks while Jeremey was at an interview. I told her how we had applied for all these apartments, and we’re suppose to find out today. She said, “wouldn’t it be a miracle if Jeremey got the job AND you got that apartment you want”? We both laughed. Things like that don’t happen. Let’s just hope at least one comes through.

But you know what happens. It was a miracle day. Jeremey landed the gig, and the ex
tensive S.F. apartment audition ended with a spot in one the cities prettiest areas, right at the nexus of three of it’s best neighborhoods. So at 8:00 that night we were at El Toreador (one of our favorite non-Mish Mexican spots) celebrating.

But alas, we’re still in a dilemma. We need to find that happy medium between making enough money to survive, and having enough time to edit round one of the project and start round two. We’re still working out the kinks, and we’re hoping to make it all come together. Hopefully we can… you guessed it… Make It Happen.

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  1. lo says:

    Congratulations to Team Jaded for completing a truly epic adventure traversing a continent in search of people who have chosen not to settle for what is given them; they are chastised destroyers of the status quo, the anonymous builders of community; the enemies of complacency, the champions of progress. Team Jaded, you were right when you said this was just round one, there is always work to be done and battles to be won and lost in that eternal war to Make it Happen.

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