Roughneck F@#% Yo Couch Tour

(10/1/08: for BART Tour 2008 go here, for some reason it won’t pop up in Google, but this page does.)

(Editors note: If you’re underage and you watch this, your mom’s gonna be bummed. Oh, and the player might take a second to load.)

The footage from F@#% Your Couch Tour was just chilling in the TeamJaded vaults until Johnny Roughneck gave me a call a few weeks ago and asked me to put it together as a companion piece to the new Roughneck tour video, Decade of Aggression. So I did.

If you’re in the bay area, the premier for Decade of Aggression should be soon. When I know you’ll know so you can go check it out.

The Back Story:

Some of y’all may have noticed that we give a lot of props to Roughneck Hardware on TeamJaded. That’s because Roughneck is down and we’re down for Roughneck. If that doesn’t explain it for you I’ll go into a little more detail. Roughneck is a skateboard hardware brand based out of San Francisco and run by one John Griffon, aka Johnny Roughneck. More importantly Roughneck is dirty, D.I.Y., and run by skaters for skaters.

I first met Johnny a couple of years ago when I produced a brand profile on RNCK for Current TV. I knew about RNCK through skating in S.F. I even had some friends who worked with Johnny, but I’d never actually met him, and I was a little nervous about asking him to work with me because he had a reputation for being, well… a Roughneck.

It didn’t help that our main friend in common told me that he’d talk to Johnny about it and never even mentioned it to him. So I bit the bullet, played the internet-working game, and got in touch with him myself. To my surprise he was both willing to and excited about working with me.

When I met him in person any vestiges of what I thought he was going to be like vanished. He was welcoming, helpful, and just down for skateboarding, and I really respected that. If you’ve ever watched that interview then you know that you can’t help but get caught up in Johnny’s excitement for skateboarding and that excitement translates into what Roughneck is about. If you haven’t watched that interview, here it is:

After that day, I was just as down for Roughneck as Roughneck was down for skateboarding and I went to every Roughneck event I possibly could, from the Go Skateboarding Day Race Down Market St., to the Annual BART Tour, to whatever. Over that time period Johnny and I became friends and I made it a point to keep him posted on my video projects so that if another opportunity opened up for us to work together I could jump on it.

The F@#% Your Couch Tour was just that opportunity. I was on my way down to the mojave desert for a shoot with Gordy Toth (the biker). I don’t ride bmx or anything, but I’d heard from my friend Jon Rogers at TBC Party, that he had the most insane backyard in the world and I just wanted to check it out. On my way I was going to pass through the Element YMCA Skate Camp. Coincidentally, Johnny was headed down to skate camp to premier the Roughneck video, so we formed like Voltron and the F@#% Your Couch Tour was born. He roped in the Oakland Kids and Hidehiko. I brought Swyler. And we hit the road. We both thought it was going to be hilarious to have such a random group of people in a van together going to such a random collection of places, and it pretty much was.

Watch the video. Fuck Yo Couch.


Produced and Edited by

Jeremey Lavoi

Co-Produced in Post by

Abby Berendt

Filmed by

Hidehiko Fujiwara

Jeremey Lavoi

Tyler Moore

Tour Members

In the Captains Chairs

Johnny Roughneck, Hidehiko Fujiwara, Tyler Moore, and Jeremey Lavoi.

Sitting anywhere in the van where they could fit

Chubbs, Lil’ D, Jon Stallings, Errol Langdon, and Major Jones.

Music by

John Phillips


Jeremiah Sinkie

remember the name (run the beat remix)

House Thug Productions



Coast to Coast



House Thug Productions

Chug Life


Open Your Eyes (long island remix)


Mumbo Jumbo

Mother Ship

When You Fell Down

John Phillips


Music Notes

A large chunk of the music in this piece came from, which is a user generated music site that operates under creative commons licensing. Check it out. The rest of the music came from my friends John Phillips, Tyler Moore (House Thug Productions), and Aaron Collins (Mother Ship). Thanks y’all.

And for those of you wondering what’s up with the Make It Happen vids, don’t worry more Make It Happen will be coming at you soon. We’ve got all kinds of good stuff coming down the pipeline. Look out for the Chuck Perkins Vlog coming at y’all shortly.

2 Responses to “Roughneck F@#% Yo Couch Tour”

  1. jon rogers says:

    thaqt shits sick! man aaron’s band is good.

  2. lo says:

    This is an awesome piece. I’m glad you were there to document the epic tale of Johnny Roughneck and the Fuck Yo Couch Tour.

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