The Tundra Tapes (MIH 30)

NYC was fun, but after working long hours and spending almost all our money, it was time to go back south.

We headed toward Lake Charles, but on our way stopped one last time in West Philadelphia. We needed to do sitdown interviews with Scott and Liz (of Evil Twin Booking and Lost Film Fest).

Scott had some amazing words of wisdom about DIY culture, and Liz gave a very insightful look into starting Evil Twin, and well… making things happen.

On our way out, they hooked us up with mad amounts of Steaz Energy Drinks and Raw Revolution Bars… Thanks guys! After that we had to check out how a TRUE Philly Cheesesteak tastes. A bit counter to the good vegan food they just gave us… Sorry guys! But we headed to Geno’s and Pat’s, the two famous cheesesteak places in the city (according to the Internet).

We’re pretty sure they’re not the best in the city (they were semi-decent)… we should have asked a local. Oh well, now we know.

For the next two days we drove straight down south. We stopped in Harrisburg, PA and Chattanooga, TN on our way back to the Chuck. The leaves were beautiful. We arrived just in time for Thanksgiving.

After a week of trying to relax, but working the entire time, we headed to Greeley, CO. With a planned stop in Oklahoma City, and an unplanned stop in Colby, KS, we finally (and surprisingly safely) made it to Abby’s hometown.

So now, you’re basically brought up to date. We’ve been working hard to ingest hours and hours of footage of everything we shot, with hopes of getting new videos to you soon.

We did have a chance to go look at the crazy lighted house the other night. They’ve been doing this since Abby can remember…

Anyhoo, stay tuned. We’ve got a lot more to share with you, and we’ll be hittin you up with more stories of people who Make It Happen.

One Response to “The Tundra Tapes (MIH 30)”

  1. lo says:

    After shooting up the country for months you now get a chance to work some more and sculpt all the footage into video monuments for all the world to gaze upon…I can’t wait to fricken see em.

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