Fifteen Dollar Sandwich (MIH 29)

So we were in New York for a little while, and in between schlepping our gear all around the five boroughs, shooting Bling Kong, and playing musical apartments, we tried to have some fun too.

So this is where we subject you to our “vacation” shots. And by vacation we mean that very small amount of time when it wasn’t raining on us and we weren’t working.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that a big part of us having fun is eating lots of food. New York was no different. We had the most expensive sandwich ever at Katz Deli (freak’n $15!!!), we ate mad pizza, and Abby introduced Jeremey to cannolis (which she thought was weird because he’s part Sicilian).

Jeremey couldn’t get enough cannolis so one night we headed down to Little Italy for what was supposedly the best in town.

We also did some touristy stuff like checking out Grand Central, Washington Square Park, the Wall Street Bull, and we even walked through chinatown.

Jeremey really wanted to skate NYC, but it rained most of the time, and when it wasn’t raining we were working. But one night we did stumble upon these huge brick banks at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. We weren’t sure if they’d ever been skated before, but they sure looked perfect.

That just about wraps up New York. What else is there to say?

New York; cold, rainy, and expensive, but fun. We wish we could have stayed longer, and done more, but the road was calling.

We hope y’all enjoyed our pictures. Stay tuned for more Make It Happen.

One Response to “Fifteen Dollar Sandwich (MIH 29)”

  1. lo says:

    New York is a very awesome place and I’m happy that good times were had by all. Great pictures!

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