Bling Kong (MIH 28)

Alright… we left off in NYC, about to tell you how to “Do The Awesome.” Hopefully this post will give you a bit of insight into said awesomeness. And that is… BLING KONG, our next shoot.

Photo By: Alys Kenny

Who is Bling Kong?, you might be asking.

Well… Bling Kong is the worlds first Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure Rock Opera. With 3 cheerleaders, 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, 1 bassist and a video Ninja, they are “the queens and kings of all things awesome.”

According to Bling Kong:

“[It all] started when a pile of us got loaded, came up with an idea to design a clothing line and decided to start a band to promote this line. No one really remembers why we needed cheerleaders; it just made sense.”

From there it all came together. Rad Shirts + Cheerleaders + Music = Success.

We met up with Bling Kong at their practice space a few nights before their show at Union Hall in Brooklyn. We shot the group working on their harmonies, practicing their moves, and perfecting their all around performance. It was loud. And it was awesome.

The night before their show we met up with a few of them to check out their recording space and do a couple sit down interviews.

On a side note, y’all should check out Scott Gold’s new book, due out March 18th, 2008.

Scott (a BK guitar player) did extensive research (i.e. eating) on meat, meat, and everything meat. It’s called The Shameless Carnivore. He also has a blog you can check out here.

BK is recording their next album at Brad’s apartment (the other guitarist); he’s got a great set up, and the songs sound remarkable.

The night of the show was epic, complete with Bling Kong approved drink specials.

Dressed to the nine’s, the band members piled on stage and let out their raucous and raunchy Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure Rock Opera. With help from the audience, cheers signaled the set list. Where would the story go? It was up to the crowd.

And like we said, it was epic. But BK says it best:

“Sometimes we get hurt, like when Sizzler fell off the Knitting Factory stage under a stack of speakers but didn’t stop singing. Sometimes, we get epic, like the night we were kicked out of a townie bar after leading a 30-person a capella rendition of “Livin’ On A Prayer”. Sometimes stuff just gets weird, like the night we ended up in some dorm room and made a couple kids massage each other with a can of baked beans as we threw change.”

To sum it up… BK was… well, awesome. We can’t wait to see all our footage and get a video to y’all. For now, check out their site, and some of their own videos shot for

And here are a couple songs for your listening pleasure.

Bling Kong- Bling Kong Girls (mp3)
Bling Kong- Be Aggressive (mp3)

Photo By: Tascha Van Auken

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  1. lo says:

    Finally an opera where the audience gets to decide what kind of tragic ending it wants!

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