46th and Bliss (MIH27)

We have experienced almost every season within a month. From wearing tank tops in Austin (Jeremey would like to point out that he did not wear “tank tops”), to triple layered sweaters in NYC… it’s been pretty seasonal to say the least.

After we said Adieu to Scott and Liz of Evil Twin Booking (who are currently in Europe!), we headed over to Sunnyside, Queens.

There we drove around for a bit, found a parking spot and unloaded all our gear. Abby’s old roommate Meredith was kind enough to let us crash in her apartment for a few days. Let it be known that Meredith was MORE than kind, as this apartment is a studio… with two residents (thank you also to Whitney!). So in a one-room apartment, four people crashed. It was like being at camp when you’re a kid. It was awesome.

NYC was our furthest stop up the east coast, with two shoots planned. The first was with ABC No Rio, “a collectively-run center for art and activism- known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture formed by artists committed to political and social engagement.”

We were super psyched to cover this story. However, after two months of non-stop work on the road, our bodies and minds were failing us. We knew if we shot this story, it would not be up to par. After a long discussion we determined we needed a break. We talked with the fine people at ABC No Rio and decided to postpone shooting until further notice. We did however stop by their facilities, meet some rad people, and check out their art exhibit and ‘zine library.

Check out some of their affiliated projects, as well as their site:

ABC No Rio
Books Through Bars
Food Not Bombs
The Lower East Side Biography Project

For a couple days Abby showed Jeremey around her old hood. She took him to the famous Sunnyside Arch…

… and made him to eat Baklava in Astoria and try bad Mexican food on Greenpoint Ave. For a couple of days, we rested. It was like we actually had a weekend. We sort of forgot that people have weekends.

But have no fear; we jumped right back into Make It Happen the next week. Stayed tuned, as the NYC fun doesn’t stop there. Find out what it’s like to schlep bags across the city, eat a $15 dollar sandwich, and Do The Awesome with our next shoot…

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  1. lo says:

    It’s good to hear you both are taking a bit of a break. You have earned it. If you get a chance, get to the New York Public Library and check out Jack Kerouac’s On the Road scroll. ontheroad.org

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