Wedding Season… Over (MIH 20)

It’s been a minute since we last updated; and the hope was that we’d have a video for you today. But this last week in Lake Charles was a whirlwind of stressful (yet fun) chaos. We thought it was going to be a nice relaxing break from the road. We were wrong. Here are some highlights:

A trip to Washington Mutual…in Houston (which is over two hours from Lake Charles). Turns out there are zero Wamu’s in Louisiana. So 5 hours later we had finally deposited a check (that was over 6 weeks late to us… thanks Current TV).

Turns out Jeremey has enough family and extended family to fill every single day with traveling, eating tons of food, and LOTS of explaining exactly what it is that we’re doing. We guess there are worse problems to have. The food was amazing and everybody was pretty supportive. We just wish we could have seen all the people we wanted to.

Weddings, weddings, weddings. The week started with Dan and Jordan

…and ended with Adam and Rachael.

Both weddings were a blast, especially since so many people came to town for them.

Adam and Rachael live in Austin, and it seemed like the entire population of Austin came down for their wedding. We have to say that it was probably the best wedding ever. The ceremony was in a field on the Collins Compound, which is a piece of property south of Lake Charles, were the O.G. skate family, the Collins’ have their residence.

Bryant Collins presided over the wedding and he got ordained on the internet to make it happen.

Adam, you couldn’t have picked a better guy to perform the ceremony. The reception was in a big Gazebo/ Barn area that the Collins use to entertain people who venture out to their property for trail rides. It’s equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and more importantly a stage. We’ve never been to a wedding with such a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, and where everyone was so genuinely excited for the couple.

Congrats Adam and Rachael. Good job Collins’. Oh and the gumbo was rocking.

The night before the wedding, Brenda and Clayton of Ripperz Skatepark hosted a late night jam for all the guys in town for the wedding. A pretty epic session went down, and Jeremey even skated the mini upstairs with his homie Cronan.
Since Lake Chuck is now the happening town that it is, the Ripperz Jam, which at one time would have been the only thing going off in town… was not. Simultaneous to the skate jam was the Poor Pony event that we shouted out a couple blogs ago. Poor Pony is a non-profit in Lake Charles dedicated to making it happen, entertainment wise, in the Lake Area. That night they shut down the downtown area for a pre-Halloween pub crawl… with choreographed Thriller Dancing in the street.

(Thriller practice from Poor Pony dot com)

We didn’t snap any photos, but we did shoot footage. So stay tuned for that… and hopefully a full-fledged Make It Happen with the Poor Pony kids when we come back through for the holidays.

So as you can see, Lake Charles was pretty busy, but lots of fun… Now we’re in Washington D.C. We’ll tell you how we got here in the next round. We’ve just got to space out the blog info ha ha.

Oh yeah and we gotta shout out Mike Morimoto for hooking us up with some gas cards. Thanks mang. You’re awesome.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Alissa says:

    THANK GOD it’s over. I have a gay male wedding in a couple of weeks – the ONLY wedding Ive been excited about in years!

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