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No we don’t work for them anymore. Lets just say Current isn’t necessarily known for being Current… if you know what we’re saying. So this week is our long overdue flooding of the Current TV network. That’s right, we’ve got another Pod on air.

If you want more info about this pod, check out our post from June called Displace Us.

It’s now called Displaced Role-Playing. We called it Displace Me, cause like, that was the name of the event… we didn’t notice any LARPing… But hey, at least it’s on the air, seven months later… now if only they’ll send us our check.

We’re very excited and slightly embarrassed that this pod is on the air. Embarrassed because we’re in it and we look silly, but excited because the event was for an important cause. Namely raising awareness about the horrible situation in Uganda and bringing people together to help end it. We love the Invisible Children organization, and we’re happy to contribute to the cause.

Thanks to the Invisible Children movement for having us, throwing the event, hooking us up with the extra footage, and being rad people in general. Special thanks to Kenny Laubbacher and Susan Shrinkle. And thanks to the same Current TV team that helped get this thing through their very congested pipeline.

One Response to “We’re Currently on Current TV”

  1. lo says:

    Great stuff! I thought this was a compelling story of how a group people can raise awareness of a significant issue. We need more of this type of activism. This is a valuable piece for all the people who may be victims of complacency or people who say “I’d help but I’m just one person” or people who want to do something to change the world but don’t know exactly where to start. The doc conveyed a sense of a friendly community that is easily approachable to anyone who is willing to spend the time. This doc works well with the DIY theme, because it shows how even if ones government has failed to act during the humanitarian crisis in Uganda, it doesn’t mean you are powerless, it just means you’ll have to get out there and do-it-yourself! Team Jaded does such important work, keep it up!

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