The Swarm (MIH 23)

We hope you liked the Austin Craft Mafia Vlog, we spent most of our time in D.C. cutting it. The rest of the time we ate tons of food and saw the sites.

There were gnats everywhere….

Thanks to Abby’s sister Heather and her boyfriend Kennie for their hospitality, all the food, and the tour around the city.

If you were still wondering about D.C.’s bizarre name like we were… we finally got to the bottom of it. Because D.C. isn’t part of state, what is meant by the “District of Columbia,” is the “District of America.” Columbia is just a way to say America “poetically” referencing Columbus. …ummm yeah.

…In other happenings, from here on out we’re going to post events put on by our friends and comrades out there Making It Happen.

So if you’re in the Bay in the next few weeks check out any and all of the following events, cause it’s going off in the Yay Area.

Our friends at Roughneck Hardware getting ready for Bart Tour again. November 25, be there… if it’s anything like the last couple of years, it’s gonna be epic.

And speaking of Roughneck, check out this vid from the Decade of Aggression Tour.

Also Sisterz of the Underground have a couple of events coming up and we love the Sisterz so check them out….

Expect more updates about events and happenings that we think are cool.

And stay tuned we’re back on the road.

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