Sisterz of the Underground Update

Our Sisterz of the Underground piece hit the airwaves on Current TV today.

For those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, you might remember that we produced this piece in May… when we had just started the TeamJaded project and had recently left our jobs at Al Gore’s TV network.

We’re really happy that the Sisterz piece is finally on the air. While it is not technically part of Make It Happen, the Sisterz were definitely an inspiration to us. In fact, this piece functioned very much as a pilot for the Make It Happen Project.

Thanks to all the ladies who are part of SOTU, specifically Sarah Smalls, Traci P., and Crykit.

Also thanks to Mark Rinehart, Erik Nordby, Phil Stuart, and Mark Behm; the Current TV team that helped get it to air.

2 Responses to “Sisterz of the Underground Update”


    love it!

  2. lo says:

    This doc showcased some cool kids doing something even cooler for their community. Sometimes in the mainstream media there a negative connotation to the word hip-hop. The Sisterz represent all the positive sides of hip-hop. They are truly keepers of true hip-hop values. It is good to see such young and empowering women on TV. Kudos to Team Jaded for bringing the Sisterz of the Underground to national TV.

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